Schools & Enrollment

42-16947689Extensive research into distance learning educational offerings and opportunities for the incarcerated has been done by the Prison Education Foundation. Today, many schools offer distance learning; however, most of them require internet access, which is impossible for an inmate.

We selected only schools that are fully accredited by a regional accrediting association, offer excellent programs leading to a degree, have a distance learning program that requires no internet access or residency requirements and, offer reasonable tuition rates.

In some instances, an accredited school may offer an excellent degree program through traditional correspondence, with the exception of five or six classes that are available only on-line. The Prison Education Foundation has structured those degree programs to make it easy to pick up the specific courses needed from another accredited school via traditional correspondence and transfer those earned credits toward the degree program, thus effectively overcoming the on-line obstacle that incarceration presents.

In other instances, a student may desire to earn an Associate's Degree in one subject (eg. Biblical Studies) from one university, then transfer those credit hours to another university toward a Bachelor's Degree in a different subject, such as Business Administration.

Through the research and work of the Prison Education FoundationTM, many good educational degrees are now readily available through several excellent, properly accredited, colleges and universities.

You may contact these schools directly by mail or telephone; or visit their website to learn more and to download enrollment applications and other information.

Links to their websites have been provided for your convenience. Just click on the school listed below that you would like to visit.

Ohio University
Louisiana State University
Adams State University
Moody Bible Institute
Global University

Inclusion of any school on our website or other materials does not constituent or imply an endorsement of the school by Prison Education Foundation, or of the foundation by the school.