ConnectPointTM Network


Prison is a lonely experience. Even though surrounded by hundreds of people, you are alone. Maintaining family and community ties is often difficult. Transitioning from the isolation of prison back into the family and community is usually difficult, to say the least.

Because we understand this reality, we created the ConnectPoint Network. The ConnectPoint Network is a national team of local organizations community to successful prisoner re-entry, including churches from all denominations, willing to become actively involved in prison ministry. They provide encouragement and tangible assistance to those who are in need, specifically prisoners and their families.

A local ConnectPoint team is paired with each of our scholarship recipients and his or her family back in the community. A support team from the local community to which the inmate will eventually return becomes a partner in both the educational process as well as the transitional process.

The inmate soon realizes that there is someone back in his community who cares for him and his family. Through regular written correspondence and periodic visits, both to the inmate at the institution as well as his or her family at home, these volunteers become trusted mentors who can provide encouragement, hope, guidance, and in most cases even financial assistance.

42-16875267These volunteers help the family during the incarceration period and continue that help during the difficult transition period and beyond. They help locate jobs and housing; and arrange for transportation and childcare. They counsel, they help financially, and they provide accountability.

The ConnectPoint Network functions through local churches and other ministries and organizations equipped to provide local community support to the prisoner and his or her family.

Usually, but not always, this transition assistance begins while the individual is still incarcerated and serving time. However, the ConnectPoint Network transition services are not limited solely to inmates who have been educational scholarship recipients. Any inmate or ex-inmate, as well as his or her family, is welcome to receive help from the ConnectPoint Network.

If you would like to become a member of the ConnectPoint team, please contact the Prison Education Foundation for more details.