The Application Process

42-16035499Simply complete the Prison Education Foundation Scholarship Application which includes choosing a college and a specific degree program. A family member may download a Scholarship Application from our website or you may order a Scholarship Application directly from the Prison Education Foundation. However, prior to making your request please check with your institution’s education department because they may already have a supply of applications available.

Forward your completed Scholarship Application to the foundation. Once your application is accepted for a scholarship you will receive a school catalog and an Enrollment Application for the specific school and degree program you selected on your foundation Scholarship Application. You will need to complete the school’s Enrollment Application and send it, along with the school’s required enrollment fee, if any, directly to the school. The Prison Education Foundation does not charge a fee.

Upon your acceptance to the degree program, you will receive an acceptance notice from the school. You should immediately forward a copy of it to the Prison Education Foundation. You will then receive an official notification letter from the foundation. Sign and return the enclosed Permission To Release Information Form to the foundation, which will then make tuition payment directly to the school on your behalf.

42-16156024Next, forward payment directly to the school for your textbooks and course materials, if not already included as part of your tuition. Since your textbooks and course materials will be sent to the attention of your institution’s education department, be sure to obtain their prior approval; and take care of any other requirements particular to your institution.

Once you receive your textbooks and other course materials, you are on your way to achieving a very important life goal.

And remember, if we are unable to award a scholarship due to funds availability and you wish to proceed anyway, you may do so by arranging alternate payment through family members or other alternative sources.

The Prison Education FoundationTM may also accept "restricted" gifts from your family members or others in order to grant you a scholarship using those specifically donated funds. Remember, however, that such gifts may not be tax-deductible to the donors; although in most cases you would be eligible for our administrative assistance and the discounted tuition rates, if any, offered by the schools participating in our program.

Our simplified college registration process is available, free of charge, to all inmates in every U.S. state and federal prison. Our resources, guidance and assistance are available to all prisoners, even though scholarships are limited by funds availability.

Application Process Step-by-Step

  1. Inmate receives Scholarship Application
  2. Inmate Submits Application to PEF
  3. PEF approves for award, or denies and issues corresponding letter to inmate
  4. PEF orders school catalog & enrollment application sent directly to inmate
  5. Inmate receives, completes and sends enrollment application back to school, along with application fee, if any
  6. Inmate receives school admission notice from school and sends copy to PEF
  7. PEF issues scholarship "OFFICIAL NOTICE" letter to inmate, including blank "PERMISSION TO RELEASE INFORMATION" Form
  8. Inmate signs and returns "PERMISSION TO RELEASE INFORMATION" Form to PEF
  9. PEF confirms student status with school and pays tuition
  10. Inmate pays for textbooks (if not included in tuition) and receives textbooks & materials directly from school or other source
  11. Inmate maintains scholarship and PEF continues to pay school tuition; subject to funds availability

Download Application (Mail)