Our Mission

The Prison Education FoundationTM mission is to transform the lives of incarcerated men and women by encouraging educational achievement and providing post-secondary educational opportunities.

Our Purpose

sm_GOALS_LogoThe Prison Education FoundationTM purpose is to provide incarcerated men and women with the opportunity to earn a collegiate education from a fully accredited institution of higher learning. To this end, we seek to do the following:

  1. To provide a portal of access to higher education for prisoners.
  2. To provide associate and baccalaureate degree opportunities consistent with the aspirations of the student.
  3. To provide prison education departments with post-secondary educational resources and assistance.
  4. To provide a long-term mentoring and support connection back to the prisoner’s community.
  5. To serve prisons, prisoners and the public interest as a center of innovation, information and advocacy on behalf of prisoner students.