O-077-0102The Prison Education FoundationTM has developed its "Go Out And Live Successfully" Seminar for use in prisons and jails. The seminar has six interconnected workshops, each lasting fifty minutes. The seminar is designed to be a one day overall event, although it can be broken down into two half days - or even given in a local jail or prison over a six week period.

The purpose of the GOALSTM Seminar is: 1) To teach and motivate the participant to take charge of his or her life by developing a moral and ethical "worldview" and establishing corresponding values, morals, ethics, priorities and goals, and 2) To encourage the participant to pursue further formal education.

The Prison Education FoundationTM staff and volunteers who conduct the GOALS Seminar are carefully selected and receive extensive training and support. Our objective is that each seminar speaker be not only informative, but extremely motivational as well. In time, we plan to build a national network of volunteers who will work closely with the prisons and jails in their respective areas, as well as their area ConnectPoint Network organizations.

In addition to the extensive personal training given to seminar speakers, they also are equipped with the GOALS Seminar Kit, which includes promotional materials, PowerPoints, workshop manuscripts for each session, handout materials and a training notebook and video.

As part of the overall training, volunteers also become capable of recruiting and developing additional organizations in their area to become part of the ConnectPoint Network. Those organizations will then be motivated and equipped to fully engage in prison ministry and helping ex-inmates make a successful transition back into their community.

The GOALSTM Seminar is a key ingredient in the overall mission and purpose of the Prison Education Foundation, as can easily be seen from the following overview of the seminar workshops.

Workshop 1: Speaker's Story

This session covers the speaker's background, his life story, his ups and downs, his failures and successes and his feelings regarding the importance of education and lifeplanning.

Workshop 2: Lifemapping 101

This session presents the life wheel of wholeness, which includes balanced planning strategies for each area of life: 1) spiritual life, 2) family life, 3) work life, 4) social life, 5) physical (health) life, and 6) financial life.

Workshop 3: Developing Your Worldview

This session focuses on developing a moral and ethical "worldview". It defines the concept of "worldview" and address success-oriented values, morals, ethics, and priorities. The importance of accurate knowledge and proper education, and how education correlates to life in the "information age", is highlighted.

Workshop 4: The Choicemaking Process

In this session participants discover that all of life, every single moment of it, consists of the choices we make in the context of time. Participants learn how to make conscious choices to select proper priorities in all six areas of life.

Workshop 5: The Goal Setting Process

Working from the information learned in the previous sessions, participants learn how to set specific, measurable and attainable goals. They learn how to distinguish between important and irrelevant goals, and how the goal setting process interacts with their choicemaking skills. Participants work through the entire process of establishing a key goal and then breaking it down into its measurable objectives and specific activities. The entire step-by-step process of setting and achieving goals is taught.

Workshop 6: Educational Options

This session stresses the value of education in today's information age and outlines the Prison Education Foundation's educational options.

Please contact the Prison Education Foundation for additional information regarding the GOALS Seminar, the requirements for becoming a certified seminar speaker, or scheduling a seminar at a specific institution.